Germany for the Jewish Traveler – A New E-Brochure by Germany’s Official Tourism Office

The German National Tourist Office has recently revamped its formerly printed brochure.

For those of you seeking a fascinating and thought-provoking journey of emotion and discovery we hope you will find the new e-brochure informative and user-friendly.
64 cities and towns are highlighted with imagery, the addition of hyperlinks, social media websites, a map and further travel information. The e-brochure can also be downloaded and printed into a pocket-friendly version.
On the web:

Editorial note: unfortunately the German Tourism office has chosen to present the brochure in a Flash-Reader which seems outdated and is furthermore cumbersome to read.
The good news is that the brochure can be downloaded from that online reader format for offline use — here you go and you have a nice PDF brochure. We hope that the German Tourism office will eventually make the brochure right away downloadable as PDF and skips the reader.